After what seems like an eternity, cameras are dusted, charged, and ready to shoot!

Time flies. Especially when you are locked down with all commercial production cancelled. It was almost two years ago that I was last on a shoot – a production scout for a national retail chain. On one hand, it seems like an eternity. On the other, as they say, time flies.

Luckily I have kept myself busy on a bunch of writing and video projects, which I’ll talk more about down the road. In the meantime, I’ve posted some of the articles I’ve written lately for CBC Parents – starting with this one: 10 Things Nobody Told Me About Being a Dad.


Words of Wisdom to Live By

A dad and daughter laugh and smile.
How my Great Aunt influenced my life with her wisdom.

We all have people who influence our lives at a young age. I was so lucky to have my Great Aunt, who shared her lived experience and gathered wisdom from many generations of my family. It’s been a great resource for me throughout my life.

Thoughts on Fatherhood

Life lessons from a self-taught father

In this piece, I talk about my journey through fatherhood, learning as I go and the importance of being a positive role model. There’s so much to learn about being a good dad, and we all have to learn as we go along, sometimes winning, sometimes losing, but always in awe of the beauty of it all!