You’re Canadian, eh? So Why Isn’t Your Web Host?

A picture of the Canadian flag.
Canadian Web Rocks!

So it looks as though we’re finally about to sign a new NAFTA – the USMCA.  The “art of the deal” guy badly needed one and lifted his steel and aluminum tariffs to get it. Assuming the Dems support it (by no means a given), Kudos to Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland and the rest of the team for getting it done.

This experience provides a good reminder of why we should check out Canadian options when it comes to the goods and services we use every day.  And what service do we use more regularly than web hosting?

It sure worked for me: As the bills from my monolithic American hosting service continued to go through the roof, I decided to check out Canadian options. There are plenty providing excellent service and super dependable connectivity – all at a great price and even better when priced in Canuck bucks.

But the advantages go far beyond dollars expended. There’s also a huge benefit in privacy. In the U.S., there is virtually zero protection of your data from the government. On a whim, authorities can block access and spy on you without a court order. In Canada, however, you and your business data are subject to local courts and laws.

You should get a speed boost too: The closer your data center is to you and your customers, the faster your data will load.

And perhaps most important, by engaging a Canadian service provider, you are keeping your dollars in Canada and supporting Canadian businesses and workers.

My service provider, Web Hosting Canada, even covered a Mediadiner Campaign called Long Ride Home, a web-based documentary series focused on helping Canadian soldiers and first responders heal from trauma.

The piece, which appeared in their newsletter a few months back, reached over 35,000 Canadians – great coverage for a great cause and it didn’t cost a dime!

You can check out the article via this link:



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