After what seems like an eternity, cameras are dusted, charged, and ready to shoot! Time flies. Especially when you are locked down with all commercial production cancelled. It was almost two years ago that I was last on a shoot – a production scout for a...

The Impact of Omnipresent Porn on Kids

A look at the the potential impact of omnipresent porn on young kids. This piece isn’t judgemental about porn. Rather, I wonder about the impac of omnipresent porn and the negative illusions it can create in impressionable young minds.

Raising the Next Generation of Canadian Voters

Every parent has a responsibility to teach kids the true value of democratic rights and responsibilities. In this article, I share what I believe are among the most important lessons a parent can teach: democracy and the value of democratic institutions. There has...

When Tween Girl Drama Hits Home

How I navigate the tricky twists of tween girl drama. Herein I share a few surprising realizations and some common-sense solutions to the inevitable girl drama that happens as girls mature. Like just about everything else, it’s a normal part of growing up...

A Dad’s Take On Tween Fashion

What does dad do when it’s time to be the fashion police? The crazy thing about parenting is that you must deal with so many situations from a completely different perspective. Here’s just one example.

Climate Change Hits Home

Lessons learned fighting the impact of climate change. No place on Earth will be spared the impact of climate change. In this article, I share how it has touched my family and changed my daughter.

Words of Wisdom to Live By

How my Great Aunt influenced my life with her wisdom. We all have people who influence our lives at a young age. I was so lucky to have my Great Aunt, who shared her lived experience and gathered wisdom from many generations of my family. It’s been a great...

You’re Canadian, eh? So Why Isn’t Your Web Host?

So it looks as though we’re finally about to sign a new NAFTA – the USMCA.  The “art of the deal” guy badly needed one and lifted his steel and aluminum tariffs to get it. Assuming the Dems support it (by no means a given), Kudos to Justin...

What Happened to my Mild-Mannered Tween?

Here’s my take on why tweens suddenly become rebellious and how to manage it. There’s a reason why your tween is suddenly becoming explosive. Around puberty, the brain goes through a massive rewiring. As a result, moods become extreme and outbursts become...

Things You Never Imagined About Fatherhood

Ten things I never saw coming. I suppose I should have anticipated all of these. But I don’t see how any dad could without having walked the walk. I’ve jotted down some of my favourite reflections in this piece.