One Soldier’s Powerful Story

It was a real pleasure to meet and listen to Rob Martin’s story. Rob is an exceptional and inspirational human being who reminds us that, no matter how dark the night seems, there is a new morning and new life and you can make it through to embrace both to the fullest.

Thanks Rob!

Animation Makes the Message

It’s hard to beat character animation, motion graphics, and live video when it comes to getting your message across. Here is a short piece I recently wrote and produced for CTC Communications, an award-winning healthcare communications company.


Video Sells Stories

Video continues to dominate the web, with no slowdown in sight. By 2021, a million minutes of video content will cross global IP networks every second, according to Cisco.

So if you’ve got a story to tell, and you want to reach an audience that is receptive to hearing it, video is simply essential.  The good news is that producing great video is now more affordable than ever!

Here’s a small piece that tells the story of changing attitudes when it comes to treating people with cancer.


Dr. Janet McCulloch Shares 10 Ways to Heal

There are many paths to healing. In this video, Dr. Janet McCulloch of the Kingston Institute of Psychotherapy and Neurofeedback shares her own top-ten list of the best ways to heal PTSD.

Dr. McCulloch specializes in one of the newest and most innovative therapies: neurofeedback. The process helps a person self-manage their mood and mental state through feedback training.

I had a really inspirational time with this exceptional therapist and look forward to more filming for our soldiers and first responders awareness campaign – – shortly.